• Typography Challenge

    I participated in the typography challenge promoting the event on main title design by Danny Yount, sponsored by TypeEd and the Los Angeles Is Just My Type meetup group. Inspired by screens, in pixels and the projection of light, I explored the medium of films and the interplay of image and type to achieve these designs, intended for Instagram.    
  • Website | JohnGuth.com

    Website redesign for LA based composer John Guth. Incorporating his established logo, I designed this site to visually reflect the nebulous and moody quality of his music. The homepage has a continuous slideshow that invokes an ephemeral experience. The site is responsive to different screen widths and presents a library of music with sorting functionality to seamlessly facilitate the browsing of all his work. www.johnguth.com
  • Promotional graphics | GodFreds Foundation

    A series of social media graphics designed for The GodFreds Foundation to encourage donations leading up to #GivingTuesday, an international day of giving. The GodFreds Foundation is a non-profit on a mission to build and operate a school in the village of Senase, Ghana.
  • Website Redesign | MCN

    Faced with usability issues on the evolving non-profit organization website of Migrant Clinicians Network, I mapped out a redesign for the site, focusing mainly on the homepage and site navigation structure. After conducting a needs analysis, the project goals included improving the visibility of the organization's resources and programs, simplifying the menu structure and presenting the content in a clean and intuitive way, and visually reflect MCN's mission to be a force for health justice. The new home page provides a clear overview and directs users to the important parts of the site.
  • Alan Pogue Photography Exhibit

    Digital and print flyer for the promotion of a photography exhibit by Alan Pogue, a photojournalist who works exclusively in black-and-white still documentary photography.
  • Sannetech Consulting Branding System and Website

    This brand identity project includes an integrated business system and website layout design for a computer consulting company. I designed the logo to represent the all-encompassing nature of troubleshooting computers with a sleek gradient arc over the whole name. In addition, the line serves a functional role of finishing off the “T” and crossbar of the “a,” conveying a sense of thoroughness that reflects the personality of SanneTech Consulting Services. The teal that is consistent throughout the company’s identity was chosen to evoke a sense of loyalty within this small business. I designed a clean and minimal layout for the website to appeal to perspective clients and for ease of navigation.
  • Website Graphics | Migrant Clinicians Network

    A collection of various web banner graphics created for the homepage of Migrant Clinicians Network's website for promotion of national awareness days and new resources. MCN is a professional home for clinicians serving migrants and a force for health justice in the United States, in Mexico, and around the world.
  • Website | Antique Plus

    Antique Plus approached me to design and build a website to establish an online presence for their small family-run antique store based in West Los Angeles, CA since 1986. The website offers a clear and concise presentation with a gallery for visitors to get a sense of all the treasures in store! www.antiqueplusla.com