• Concept – Editorial Spread

    This fictitious spread was an experiment to create a magazine spread that is visually intriguing with the subject matter and balances image with type. I have an interest in succulents recently and love how their spirals exhibit the golden ratio, a proportion thought to be aesthetically pleasing. The "S" mark captures the beauty of these geometric designs.
  • Print Design for Dairy Training

    Brochure and postcard mailer designed as part of a marketing plan to promote the National Farm Medicine Center's occupational training program in dairy farms throughout Wisconsin.   The flipchart slides in this bilingual curriculum stay consistent with the design aesthetic. Accompanying the training are the facilitator's guide for each lesson and visual job aid posters which educate workers on how to work safely with machinery on the farm. The illustrations were in collaboration with the very talented illustrator, Salvador Saenz.
  • Campaign Handout for Recruiting Consumer Board Members

    Editorial/Information design for a campaign to increase clinician involvement in the recruitment of migrant/seasonal farmworker consumers on the board of directors.  Client: Migrant Clinicians Network.
  • Poster | Freedom + Facebook

    I designed this poster to promote a lecture given at CSU, Chico on social media technology and democracy in the Middle East. The objective was to create a thought provoking piece using the fusion of type and image. Focusing on the topic of Facebook and the restrictions that are set in many countries in the Middle East, I worked with the idea of showing the “F5” command key on computers, which is widely used to refresh, referencing both the need to refresh the role of technology and the leadership in the countries of the Middle East.
  • Alan Pogue Photography Exhibit

    Digital and print flyer for the promotion of a photography exhibit by Alan Pogue, a photojournalist who works exclusively in black-and-white still documentary photography.
  • Brochure | Migrant Clinicians Network

    I led the development and design of an informational brochure for Migrant Clinicians Network. The swirling aesthetic of the design weaves together a brief overview of the organization's key programs and services while visually capturing MCN's promise to create practical solutions at the intersection of poverty, migration and health. MCN promotes and sustains its mission through training, education, research, and program development. This brochure is intended for clinicians, advocates and researchers from federally funded Migrant and Community Health Centers, universities, medical centers, and private practices.
  • Bilingual Picture Dictionary for Agricultural Health & Safety Training

    I worked collaboratively with MCN to effectively structure instructional content and create clear graphics that illustrate work place hazards and best practices for health and safety in agriculture for a training and resource project funded by the OSHA Susan Harwood Grant Program.

    The conference poster and editorial design for the lesson plan was developed in an effort to bolster Hispanic workers' English vocabulary.

  • Kaffe og Kaker Flyer Invitation

    A themed party I hosted, with this accompanying invitation, in honor of my Norwegian heritage and knowing Norway's strong affinity for coffee!
  • Poster for Union Conference

    This poster, promoting a workshop for the annual Union World Conference on Lung Health, visually communicates the unique topic of migration that differentiates this talk, while complimenting the conference's established branding.
  • Discussion Guide on Violence

    Through an initiative aimed at engaging Latino migrant men to end sexual and intimate partner violence, Migrant Clinicians Network developed several messages in order to facilitate conversation among peers. I designed the layout for the accompanying bilingual discussion guides and informational packet, which were created to be used by male peers, community leaders, or outreach workers for one-on-one and small group discussions with men.